Overall Directory Structure


The main python package containing all the python code.


Contains the log files. Info log contains general information e.g when an assembly was sent or when a user uploaded a read, whereas the error log contains information about all the exceptions thrown. The system log contains information from the any scripts that are run (see below)


The folder contains shell scripts, which should be run every so often (e.g. using crontab) to update and maintain the database. The two scripts run most regularly are:-

  • daily_update.sh Checks databases to see if any assemblies need to be sent or any schemes need to be called. Simply calls [update_all_schemes](Maintenance Scripts#markdown-header-update_all_schemes) and [update_assemblies](Maintenance Scripts#markdown-header-update_assemblies) for the databases specified in the script. The script can be changed to add/remove databases, change priorities,job queues etc.
  • daily_import.sh Updates all databases by calling [importSRA](Maintenance Scripts#markdown-header-importsra)


The html sub directory contains the actual JavaScript documentation produced from the inline code comments. Just open the index.html in this folder with a browser to view the documentation. In order to update documentation jsdoc needs to be installed (npm install jsdoc). Also a bootstrap template is used (npm install ink-docstrap). In the config.json file change the template in opts to the correct location (depending on where ink-docstrap was installed).


If you want to use the default template, then just delete the template entry in the config. Any new .js files need to be added to the include entry in the config file.

"source": {

To produce the documentation just cd to the jsdoc directory and run .. code-block:: json

jsdoc -c conf.json


The actual documentation is on the _build/html subdirectory and can be viewed by opening index.html in a browser. To update the documentation cd to the python_docs folder and run sphinx-apidoc -f -o source ../entero. You can also include any files or paths that you do not want included in the documentation e.g.

Next. run make clean and make html

Any top level python code will be run but the app will not have been initiated leading to errors during the documentation creation. Therefore, you can either exclude the module as above or put check to see if the app has been initialized


The file containing scripts which run in the context of the app see [flask-script](https://flask-script.readthedocs.io/en/latest/). The scripts available are documented [here](Maintenance Scripts)


A file containing all the python modules required. If extra modules are added, this file should be updated by pip freeze > requirements.txt


Contains all the required linux packages